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This website is devoted to providing helpful information about our C3 program, which serves children and families in San Diego, California. Specifically, C3 offers specialized behavioral classes, one-on-one behavioral consultations, developmental classes, and parent consultations in the areas of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech/language therapy.  These services were specifically developed to help children enter school healthy and ready to learn. To learn more, please click on any or all of the following questions:

Rounded Rectangle: What is C3?


C3 is a free program offered by Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego to identify and treat developmental and behavioral concerns in children ages 0 months to 5 years 11 months (or kindergarten entry, whichever comes first). The C3 program, funded by the First 5 Commission of San Diego (Proposition 10--the tobacco tax), is FREE to qualified families in San Diego County.

C3 was created to discover concerns early so that children can receive appropriate services to enhance their development and improve school readiness.

There are three ways children can be referred to C3:
  1. First, since you and your child's doctor are in the best position to observe your child's development and behavior, we designed a procedure to screen and refer young children during routine doctor visits.
  2. Second, we are working with childcare centers and preschools in San Diego County to screen children in the childcare and preschool setting.
  3. Third, parents can call C3 themselves if they have any questions or concerns about their child's development or behavior.

For C3 phone numbers, click here.

During your first phone call to the C3 program, a staff member will complete a brief survey with you to determine how we can best serve you and your child (click to download the registration form and survey in PDF format). We may then ask you to schedule a developmental and behavioral assessment for your child at one of our convenient C3 locations. To learn more about this procedure, see What happens during a developmental and behavioral assessment?

After your child has a developmental and behavioral assessment, you and your child can choose to participate in the treatment classes C3 offers. For more information on these classes, see "What is a treatment class"?

If you are a physician or with a physician's office and are interested in learning more about C3, please contact Dr. Helen Hayden-Wade. An updated C3 physician's manual will be available soon.


Rounded Rectangle: How does my child qualify and receive services from C3?


To qualify for C3 services:

If you meet these qualifications, C3 services are FREE of charge! There are 3 ways to receive services from the C3 program:

Rounded Rectangle: What happens during a developmental & behavioral assessment?

You and/or your child's physician can decide to have your child receive a developmental and behavioral assessment at one of the three C3 sites (located in Oceanside, San Diego and Chula Vista, California). Assessment Specialists are available on-site to determine whether your child's development and behavior are age-appropriate. Specifically, these specialists assess speech and language development; behavior; motor, thinking, and social skills. This assessment procedure lasts approximately 90 minutes. Some parts of the assessment are completed by the parent and other parts are administered by a C3 Assessment Specialist.

For example, the parent will complete a survey about what the child is able to do in her home and the C3 Assessment Specialist will observe how a child performs during play-based activities (e.g., stacking blocks, feeding a doll). We also conduct developmental and behavioral assessments at partner locations in the community. The C3 staff can let you know about these options.

A set of comprehensive tools is used during the assessment, depending upon the age and needs of the child. Here is a list of what we may use:


Rounded Rectangle: What happens after a developmental & behavioral assessment?


Depending upon the outcome of the developmental and behavioral assessment, C3 staff may suggest treatment classes and/or one-to-one consultation services.

If your child qualifies for free intervention services in the San Diego community, C3 staff will refer you to the appropriate agency for further evaluation and/or early intervention services in the community (click to download the specialized evaluation referral form).


Rounded Rectangle: What is a “treatment class”?


C3 offers general development and specific behavior treatment classes for parents and children. Classes are specific to the age of the child and are available weekdays as well as some evenings and weekends. Classes are categorized as follows:

Developmental Treatment Classes offer parents and children the opportunity to learn about typical development and practice developmental skills. Classes meet once a week for six weeks and each session will last for one hour. Each session will include parent-child interactive activities as guided by developmental assessment specialists and developmental services aides. A variety of activities and opportunities for interaction will be included in each session.

Specialized Behavior Treatment Classes help parents learn how to cope and deal with their child's behavioral patterns. For example, some of our classes offer general strategies for understanding and shaping your child's behavior. Other classes work specifically with parents of children who have behavior problems like aggression or temper tantrums.

Rounded Rectangle: What types of treatment classes does C3 offer?


Infant Time: Parents often have concerns about their child’s development and behavior. Many families need information about normal child development and seek help with their parenting skills. In this interactive group, designed for the infant, parents will be educated about typical child development and have opportunities to learn from each other. Facilitators will model activities that promote social/emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development. The emphasis will be placed on activities that can be incorporated easily into daily family routines. Parents will be given opportunities to practice these activities and to learn new tools and techniques for enriching their infants' development. Links to resources in the community will be made available to parents.

Toddler Time: Every toddler is unique and develops on his or her own schedule.  Your toddler is growing and developing in many areas all at the same time. Physical development and expressive language skills are easy to notice.  However, social/emotional development and cognitive development are somewhat harder to observe.  It is our goal that you will learn to appreciate your child’s individual timetable and see how the strands of development are intertwined all along the way.  You are your child’s most important teacher and your child is learning all the time. Play is how your child learns about the world.  This classes emphasizes creating a sensitive, responsive relationship with your child to enrich and support the learning process. 

Preschool Time: Preschoolers’ development happens holistically. Physical development, cognitive and language development, and social/emotional development are all happening at the same time and are intertwined and dependent upon each other. As your child’s most important teacher, you can enhance and support your child’s physical, cognitive and social/emotional development during everyday moments.  This class focuses on creating opportunities for learning every day in normal daily activities and routines.

Specialized Behavior Sessions: C3 Behavior intervention combines the provision of information with active skills training and support. It teaches parents to apply parenting skills to a broad range of target behaviors in both home and community settings with the target child and siblings.   Please contact C3 to find out if these services are appropriate for your family.

Rounded Rectangle: Who can I contact for more information about C3?

C3 Intake Services
For information in the following areas or to determine if you qualify, please contact:

Children's Care Connection-Oceanside
3605 Vista Way, Bldg B, Suite 201
Oceanside, CA 92056
(858) 966-8014

Children's Care Connection-Chula Vista
1261 3rd Avenue
Suite D
Chula Vista, CA 91911
(858) 966-8008

Children's Care Connection-San Diego
3020 Children's Way, Bldg #23
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 966-1700 x7347

Intake numbers are for Regional Coordination. You may also contact the C3 program directly at 1-877-8C3-KIDS.

C3 General Information

If you have general questions about C3, such as how we set up the program, how we accessed funding, how we are using the data we collect, or how we are evaluating our program, please feel free to contact Dr. Helen Hayden-Wade.

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