What Challenges Might a Child in Foster Care Face?
It is important to understand the range of challenges children entering foster care may have experienced in the past or may currently be experiencing. There are a variety of reasons that a child can be removed from his/her home and placed in foster care. Some of these reasons include:

These stressful life events can impact a child's ability to develop skills, learn information, and get along with other children and adults. As a result, children in foster care are at greater risk for having delays in their development. To find out more about child development and developmental delay, see how children develop for more information.

Also, when a child is removed from her home, she must face the challenge of moving to an unfamiliar foster home with new caregivers. Unfortunately, it is common for a child to be placed in at least 2 foster care homes before a more permanent foster home is found or the child is reunited with his/her parents. All of these transitions are stressful and can also impact a child's ability to develop new skills and form relationships with other children and adults. See If I am a foster parent, what can I expect when a child comes to my home for the first time? for more information.

On the positive side, there are a lot of things a foster parent can do to help improve the development of a child in their life and help them handle their feelings and behavior in an appropriate way. See If I am a foster parent, what can I do to help the child in my life? for more information.

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