Children in Foster Care
One of the programs that has been involved in creating this website is the Developmental Screening and Enhancement Program (DSEP). DSEP works to ensure that the developmental needs of children ages 0-5, who are entering foster care, are being met. DSEP provides developmental assessments and enhancement activities to children in foster care. To learn more about DSEP, click here.

Children in foster care face many challenges that affect their lives, some of which may even impact their development. Children may need to overcome obstacles from their past that impeded their ability to learn and grow. These children must also adapt to new challenges that are introduced into their lives, such as the adjustment to a new home and caregiver.

While it is important to realize how factors from a child's past can impact his/her life and development, it is also very important to remember that children are resilient and can flourish in a sensitive, stimulating environment.

In this section, you will learn more about the foster care system, challenges children in foster care face, and how you can help the development of a child in foster care. Whether you are a parent whose child is in foster care, a foster parent yourself, or a professional working with children in foster care, you will find useful information here that will help enhance the healthy development of the special children in your life.

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