Gifted Baby Milestones to Watch Out For

Early Signs that Your Child is Gifted

The common practice that many have known since before, is that a child manifests the traits of being gifted not until he reaches school age when he notably excels among others. Traits of giftedness can actually be seen in toddlers and in infants too! Thanks to advanced research and studies, we now can identify the early signs of giftedness in our babies.

If you think your baby shows some interesting traits that are not quite common at his or her age, you can refer to this article and read some gifted baby milestones and gifted baby signs so you will know how to support your baby and nurture the potential he or she has.

Levels of Giftedness

Gifted children possess their own abilities and intelligence differently, thus, knowing what level of giftedness your child is, is important to know what kind of academic support is appropriate for him. 
The below ranges may have a negligible difference but there is a very great range of abilities between gifted children. These figures are from the Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC) which are all research-based information.

Typical IQ scores (S.D.=15)Frequency
Moderately Gifted130-145 ( 2 to 3 S.D. from mean)1:40
Highly Gifted145-160 ( 3 to 4 S.D. from mean )0.458333333
Exceptionally Gifted160-1801:10,000
Profoundly Gifted180+1:1,000,000

Gifted Baby Signs to Watch Out For

As a parent, you can’t help but to compare your child with the other children sometimes especially when you’re caught in a parental-talk conversation with other parents. You may have wished for your baby to be less fussy just like other typical babies but if you knew these signs of a gifted baby way back then, you will fully understand why your baby cries more often or why it’s difficult to leave him alone even with a toy, and whatnot.

According to Carol Bainbridge of, one key sign of a possibly gifted baby is the need for mental stimulation, and that it is not unusual for gifted babies to get fussy and even start to cry if they aren’t provided constant stimulus.

Other signs of a gifted baby according to her may include exaggerated characteristics like:

  • Constant stimulation-seeking while awake
  • Earlier ability to mimic sounds than other babies
  • Extreme alertness or always looking around
  • Hypersensitivity to sounds, smells, textures, and tastes as well as an unusually vigorous reaction to unpleasant ones
  • Lower sleep needs than other babies

Gifted Baby Milestones

It’s a good thing if you are reading this while your baby hasn’t come out yet or at his early childhood stage—so you can take note of the below gifted baby milestones and list every milestone he achieves in actual, every month.

General Motor Examples

AbilityNormal AgeGifted Age
(30% Advanced)
Sits up alone7 months4.9 months
Stands alone well117.7
Crawls upstairs1510.5
Walks upstairs1812.6
Turns pages of a book1821
Skips with one foot only4833.6
Throws ball4833.6
Skips with alternating feet6042

Fine Motor Examples

AbilityNormal AgeGifted Age
(30% Advanced)
Plays with rattle3 months2.1 months
Pulls strings adaptively74.9
Holds object (Finger + Thumb)96.3
Holds crayon adaptively117.7
Scribbles Spontaneously139.1
Folds paper2114.7
Draws a person with 2 parts4833.6
Copies a triangle6042
Draws a person with neck, hands and clothes7250.4

Cognitive-Language Examples

AbilityNormal AgeGifted Age
(30% Advanced)
Social smile at people1.5 months1.05
Searches with eyes for sound2.21.54
Vocalizes 2 different sounds2.31.61
Says “Dada” (or equivalent)7.95.53
Responds to name and “no”96.3
Looks at pictures in a book107
Has vocabulary of 4-6 words1510.5
Follows directions to put object on chair etc.17.812.46
3-word sentences2416.8
Gives full name3021
Counts objects to 33625.2

Conclusion—What You Should Do as a Parent

If you are a parent of a formally declared gifted child, what you should do is just support your child the way you are already supporting him or her. A parent’s role cannot be disregarded to be one of the factors why their child develops that way.

Gifted children develop differently and excel in different areas. If you notice your child is more inclined into numbers, buy him a toy that has numbers and mathematical expressions in it to stimulate more learning and development in this area. If he or she’s good with vocabulary or excels in language skills, get him more books to read with.

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Just remember to keep your child challenged. He will most likely get easily bored or frustrated over one simple task when repeated. They need constant stimulation to encourage and bring out the best in them.